IMF Semantic Resources 2023-06-30

Table of Contents

IMF Ontology – OWL implementation


The ontology is designed to meet the following functional requirements:

  • The IMF language should be understandable to subject matter experts (SME). This means that the IMF language and ontology must be easy to learn and simple to use, hence it must contain a limited set of vocabulary terms and grammar rules.
  • The language must provide incremental value, and hence must support modelling in an incremental manner.
  • The language must be scalable across disciplines, work processes, and the value chain. This means that the IMF language must:
    • Enable SMEs from a range of disciplines to fully express their design using the same modelling principles.
    • Enable SMEs to express different levels of precision as part of iterations of their design.
    • Enable use in different phases of a project (concept, detail engineering, manufacturing, etc.).
  • The language must have the precision of machine interpretation to allow automated verification. This means that the IMF language must be precise and unambiguous, and allow translation into other ontology languages and be able to exploit semantic descriptions in external ontologies and reference data libraries.

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